Shape team


Maria Iannario 

Associate Professor in Statistics at University of Naples Federico II. She earned the PhD in 2005. She has been Visiting Researcher at Iowa University (USA), the University of Lancaster (UK), the University of Geneva (CH) and at Le Centre Européen des Sciences et du Goût (Dijone, France). She received the Fulbright Research scholarship for 2012. She collaborated to several national and international projects concerning methodological and applied researches on mixture models for ordinal data an related estimation methods. Among them she is the Principal Investigator of the “Statistical Modelling of Human Perception” – Programme STAR. Her publication appeared on refereed journals and she has been invited to give some talks and seminars in several Universities and Center of Research. Recently, she performed a joint cooperation with the Bank of Italy with reference to modelling job satisfaction in a complex sample design.

Marcella Corduas  

Full Professor of Statistics at University of Naples Federico II, since 1997; Previously, she was Full Professor at University of Cassino (1994-1999), and Senior Researcher at CSREAM, Portici (NA) (1982- 2010). She received her M.Phil. in Mathematics, University of Lancaster in 1986, her Ph.D. in Statistics in 1988. Her main research area comprises Time Series Analysis, Clustering and Classification, Analysis of Ordinal Data. Author of several papers published in international journals and conference books on time series classification, hydrological data analysis, consumer preferences analysis.

Domenico Piccolo 

Full Professor of Statistics at Department of Political Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, since 1986; Senior Researcher of the Centro di Ricerche (Portici) from 1970 to 1986. Member of the Evaluation Board of University of Naples Federico II (2003 – 2008). Elected member of National Council of Italian Statistical Society. Chief of the projects VER01 and VER02: “Monitoring and Evaluating Orientation services”, co-funded by the EU (FSE). Responsible of several research projects financed by MURST and CNR. Scientific Director of DESEC Project (1982-85) and ISTAT SARA Project (1997-98) which led to select a seasonal adjustment procedure for Italy. Visiting Fellow at Lancaster (UK), Madison (USA), Genève (CH),Madrid (E), Christchurch (NZ) Universities. Author of several papers on statistical inference, time series analysis, models for ordinal data. He is also author of some popular textbooks.

Maria Kateri 

Full Professor of Statistics and Stochastic Modelling at the Institute of Statistics, RWTH Aachen University (Germany), since October 2012; Previously, she was at the University of Ioannina (Associate Professor of Statistics: 2010-2012) and the University of Piraeus (Associate Professor of Statistics: 2010, Assistant Professor: 2003-2010), in Greece. She received her Ph.D. (Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina) in 1996, her M.Phil. (Department of Statistics and Modeling Science, University of Strathclyde, UK) in 1992 and her Diploma in Mathematics (University of Ioannina) in 1989. Her main research area comprises methods of categorical data analysis, with special emphasis on ordinal data. Her research interests also include biostatistics, Bayesian analysis, and reliability. Has been invited for research visits at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University; the Department of Statistics, University of Florida; the Department of Political Economy and Quantitative Methods, University of Pavia; the Institute of Statistics, RWTH Aachen University and the Department of Statistics, University of Dortmund. She is associate editor of Communication in Statistics since 2007. She is author of several papers published in refereed international journals.

Anna Clara Monti  

Full Professor of Statistics at the DEMM Department, University of Sannio (Benevento) since 2000; Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Sannio from 1998 to 2000. Ph.D. in Econometrics and Statistics, in 1994, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Sociales, Genève, Switzerland. Dean of the Faculty of Economics during 2009-2011 and Dean of the Faculty of Law since 2011. Member of the Board for the Evaluation of the University of Sannio (2007-2009). Chairperson of the Degree in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (2001-2007). Responsible of PRIN projects 2008-2010, 2006-2008, and 2000-2002. Chief of several projects financed by MURST and University of Sannio funds. Associate Editor of several scientific Journal (QdS Journal of methodological and applied Statistics, Metron, Statistical Methods and Applications, Journal of the Japanese Statistical Society, Chilean Journal of Statistics). Invited research fellow at Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Science, Dalhousie University, Canada (1995); Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Sociales, Genève, Svizzera (1997); Department of Applied Mathematics School of Science & Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo (1998, 2010, 2013). Author of several papers on Statistical Inference, Non-parametric methods and Asymptotics Theory, Time Series, Robustness published on widespread international statistical journals.

Gerhard Tutz 

Full Professor of Statistics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (Germany), since 1998; Previously, he was Full Professor at Institut fur Quantitative Methoden, FachbereichInformatik, Technische Universitat Berlin (1993-1998), and Chair of Statistics, Universitat Regensburg (1991-1992). He received his Ph.D. in Statistics, Universitat Regensburg in 1983, his Habilitation in Statistics in 1983 (Universitat Regensburg) and his Diploma in Mathematics (Universitat Regensburg) in 1977. His main research area comprises Multivariate Analysis, Analysis of Categorical Data, Semi- and Nonparametric Regression Modelling, Local Smoothing Techniques, Event History Analysis, Mixed Models. He received several research grants and has been invited for several conferences. He is Associate Editor of Biometrics, Coordinating Editor of Statistics and Computing and since 2001 Head of Department of Statistics, Ludwig- Maximilians-Universitat Munchen. Author of several papers published in international journals and of the book “Regression for Categorical Data”, Cambridge University Press (2013), a reference book in this area.

Paola Zuccolotto 

Associate Professor of Statistics at University of Brescia, since 2005; 1995:Laurea in Economics at University of Verona (Highest Honors); 1998: PhD in Methodological Statistics at the Universityof Trento; 1999-2005 Assistant Professor at the Department of Quantitative Methods, University of Brescia. Member of the University of Brescia team for several Research projects. Her research interests are concerned with statistical techniques for multivariate data analysis, data mining, prediction with algorithmic modelling, time series analysis, with applications in many different fields. On these themes she published papers on peer-reviewed international journals and presented contributions to national and international conferences.

Maria Clelia Zurlo 

Associate Professor of Dynamic Psychology at Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Naples Federico II, since 2000; Laurea in Phylosophy at University of Naples Federico II (Highest Honors). Laurea in Clinical and Community Psychology at University of Roma “La Sapienza” (Highest Honors). Master in Clinical Psychology at University of Lyon 2. PhD on Psychology at University of Naples Federico II. Visiting researcher at University Lyon 2. Supervision Activities for Ph.D. thesis, also in cooperation with Cardiff University. Lecturer at Lyon 2, Athen and Istanbul Universities. International collaborations: Institut of Social Medicine, University of Duesseldorf; Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology, Cardiff University; Department of Psychology, University Paris XIII; Center of Clinical Psychology, University Lyon 2. Author of several international papers.

Sabrina Giordano 

Assistant Professor of Statistics at University of Calabria since 2005; 1999: Laurea in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences at University of Calabria (Highest Honors); 2003: Ph.D. in Methodological Statistics at University of Milano-Bicocca. From 2000 she is member of the University of Milano-Bicocca and University of Calabria teams for several Research projects; January-May 2006: Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Florida, Gainesville (USA). Author of several national and international papers and proceedings on multivariate categorical time series through Markov chains, hidden Markov models and graphical models, study of dependence structures via copula functions, survival analysis and survey techniques, applications of statistical models in various fields (genetics, economics, finance, phonetics). Teacher in Statistics and Categorical data analysis at University of Calabria

Marica Manisera 

Assistant Professor of Statistics at University of Brescia, since 2009; 2001: Laurea in Economics at University of Brescia (Highest Honors); 2005: Ph.D. in Methodological and Applied Statistics, University of Milano-Bicocca; 2005-2009: Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Quantitative Methods, University of Brescia. From 2001 Member of the University of Brescia team for several Research projects; 01-04/2004, 01/2005, 09/2006: Visiting Fellow at Leiden University (NL). Author of several papers and proceedings on multivariate data analysis, optimal scaling techniques (in particular, Nonlinear Principal Components Analysis), models for ordinal data, missing data imputation techniques, rank correlation indices. Teacher in Financial and Business Data analysis at University of Brescia. Supervising activities for dissertations.

Fulvia Pennoni 

Assistant Professor of Statistics at Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, University of Milano-Bicocca; She graduated in Economics at University of Perugia, in 2000; she earned a Ph.D. in Statistics at University of Florence, in 2004. Her research interests have initially focused on latent variable models and, more recently, on the analysis of categorical longitudinal data from a socio-economic prospective. On these fields she has proposed several methodological results and developed novel applications which have been published in papers appeared in top international journals and in a book devoted to latent Markov models. She is head of a local unit of the research project on “Mixture and latent variable models for causal inference and analysis of socio-economic data” (FIRB 2012). She teaches simulation methods and Statistical Quality Control. She also participated in applied research projects involving longitudinal data analysis and latent variable models such as that on the labour market recently funded by the Lombardy Region.

Stefania Capecchi  

Technical executive as research staff and data base elaboration officer at the University of Naples Federico II, Department of Political Sciences, since 2004; She is currently Ph.D.candidate in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Naples Federico II. She holds a degree in Political Sciences (M.A. 1997, Highest Honors) and in Statistics (B.A. 2011, Highest Honors). She has beenguidance service monitoring and evaluation supervisor; responsible for monthly reports to University executive management on guidance service quality by a set of appropriate statistical indices. Since 2000 up to 2002 she has been responsible for personnel selection and customer relationship management at Adecco Italia SpA. Previously, she has been Head of the Department for Education, Culture, Social Services, Job Training, Youth Policies at the Municipality of Mugnano di Napoli.

Rosaria Simone

Since the beginning of May 2015, she is member of the research team of Professor Domenico Piccolo and Professor Maria Iannario at Università degli Studi di Napoli – Federico II, Department of Political sciences, being assigned a one-year grant within the project Star “SHAPE – Statistical Model for Human Perception and Evaluation”.  Current research interests include statistical models for Temporal Dominance of Sensation (TDS), CUB models and their extensions. In November 2011, she enrolled to the international PhD program in Mathematics “Janos Bolyai” at Università degli Studi della Basilicata (S.S.D.  MAT/02, MAT/06).   From February 2013 to June 2014, she was visiting researcher at Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg). In March 2015, she awarded the title of PhD in Mathematics.  Her research activity was  oriented at limit theorems for non-linear homogeneous statistics and at orthogonal polynomials. In 2011, she graduated in Mathematics at Università degli Studi della Basilicata, awarding the degree of  Master of Science, summa cum laude.