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Corduas, Marcella

Clustering streamflow time series for regional classification (Journal Article)

Journal of Hydrology, 407 (1-4), pp. 73-80, 2011, ISSN: 0022-1694.

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Piccolo, Domenico

A note about conditions for ARMA processes decompositions (Journal Article)

Statistica, 48 (1/2), 1988, ISSN: 1973-2201.

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Piccolo, Domenico; Tunnicliffe-Wilson, Granville

A unified approach to ARMA model identification and preliminary estimation (Journal Article)

Journal of Time Series Analysis, 5 (3), pp. 183-204, 1984, ISSN: 0143-9782.

(Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: ARMA models, autoregressive-moving average models, covariates, matrix G, time series data)


Tunnicliffe-Wilson, Granville; Piccolo, Domenico

A Unified Approach to ARMA (Autoregressive-Moving Average) Model Identification and Preliminary Estimation (Technical Report)


(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: ARMA models, Autocorrelation, autoregressive-moving average models, Covariance, Estimates, Forecasting, Identification, Mathematical models, Mathematical prediction, Matrices, Regression analysis, Statistical processes, time series analysis)


Piccolo, Domenico

A comparison of some alternative decomposition methods for ARMA models (Journal Article)

Time series analysis: Theory and practice, 1 , pp. 565-582, 1982, ISBN: 9780444863379.

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